• In the Spring of 2017 my husband and I relocated to Little Rock and began our search for a home. We looked at 6 houses for sale in the neighborhood and nothing fit my style and my husband's very very particular demands on workmanship and quality….We were ready to give up our search when one day my husband decided to go into a house that was under construction. He came back out to the car and said that I just had to wade through the mud to see it! It was PERFECT! We spoke with Subra and he allowed us to make all of the remaining design decisions and we moved in a few months later. The house is perfect for us, but that's not even what sets Subra apart. Every time we had any issue during the warranty period he would have the issue resolved incredibly quickly…We thought that was incredible service….Now we have been out of the warranty period for a few months and the service hasn’t stopped. We constantly have small little projects we are trying to get done and Subra always helps us find the best people for the job! We have remodeled several homes, moved countless times, and dealt with more than our fair share of unsavory contractors. I cannot recommend Subra and HA Custom Homes enough. Not only will he build you an amazing home, he will be with you after you move and for any of your needs!

    Matt and Morgan Wilkins Custom Home in Mirabel Ct
  • “We fell in love with the house the first time we saw it! This gorgeous home had a modern, open floor plan with elegant fixtures. We continued to be in awe of its functionality and its dynamic architecture. Who can argue with an abundance of natural light, high ceilings, and a view of the green space that surrounds us. Even with all of the space, the house remains cozy and inviting. With each passing moment, our family continues to find new features of the house, we had not yet discovered. We love this home and we cherish each moment we spend in it. We are thankful for HA Custom Homes for designing this brilliant living space that takes our breath away.”

    Yaa& Charles McNulty Epernay Place